PgManage 1.0rc1 released

Release Candidate 1 of PgManage is now available!

Release Notes

  • New features:
    • New welcome screen which displays app shortcuts and recent connections list
    • Added "run selection" feature in the query editor
    • The autocomplete setting is now stored separately for each DB connection
    • Added SQLite3 support in the table editor
  • Major Bugs fixed:
    • Various layout fixes on the snippets panel
    • Fixed memory leak in snippets panel tree view
    • Fixed PostgreSQL binary path corruption when pigz binary path is changed in the settings dialog
    • Added snippet and snippet folder name validation
    • Added CSV delimiter validation in app settings
    • Multiple fixes in the Getting Started wizard
    • Fixed query editor re-focusing when autocomplete widget closes
    • Added connection group name validation
    • Fixed disabled DB connection string input when creating a new connection
  • UI/UX Improvements:
    • Slightly improved app startup speed
  • Other changes
    • Improved error handling when app back-end is down or unavailable due to network issues
    • Application data grids migrated from Handsontable to Tabulator.js
    • Updated Vuejs and Bootstrap libraries



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