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What is PgManage?

PgManage is an Open Source in-progress GUI administrator for Postgres. It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The application user guide is available on readthedocs portal.



PGmanage 1.0.1 has been released.
This release addresses bugs discovered since version 1.0.0 and add some minor improvements.

Linux AppImage

Windows Installer

MacOS .dmg

Release Notes

Bugs fixed:

  • trim explain/explain analyze prefix of the query when "explain" or "explain analyze" button is clicked
  • disable unnecessary row selection in command/query history data grid
  • fix cell data viewer modal working incorrectly when the cell contains numeric value
  • clean-up backup/restore job status polling when corresponding backup/restore tab is closed
  • make DB object tree resize line easier to grab when scrollbar is also present in DB object tree
  • fixed query results data-grid auto-sizing
  • fixed fetch more/fetch all records feature in Query tab for SQLite3
  • disable drag-n-drop of DB session tabs above Connections/Welcome/Snippets sidebar items
  • don't hide connection/group form in connections dialog after connection/group is saved
  • add confirmation for connection/group deletion
  • don't show the "unsaved changes" popup when user saved the new connection group and tries to select other group/connection

How do I contribute?

PgManage is being developed on Github.