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Command Prompt has been providing on-demand training since 1997 and unlike most training providers Command Prompt can cater the training to your specific business requirements.

Do you only need a short course on backup and recovery, or a multiple day course on overall PostgreSQL Administration? How about an interactive on-line course on configuring Point-in-Time Recovery? Whatever your PostgreSQL Training needs are, we can help.

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Intro to PostgreSQL

The introduction to PostgreSQL course is for people unfamiliar with topics such as relational databases, norm forms, transactional control and MVCC. We also discuss basic security including network access and user/group (role) interaction with objects. In short, users of PICK or NoSQL database developers with no firm understanding of how traditional RDMS operate should start with this course.

Postgres Administration

This training is a minimal introduction on PostgreSQL for DBAs who are already competent within other relational database systems such as Oracle.This training assumes a good working knowledge of SQL and basics of database administration. Required prerequisite course or equivalent knowledge: Intro to PostgreSQL. The training is run on a Linux operating system, therefore a good working knowledge of UNIX/Linux is required.

Postgres Performance And Maintenance

Get a comprehensive look at proper PostgreSQL maintenance, how it relates to Performance and tying the two together for proper provisioning and stringent uptime requirements. Students will leave this talk with full understanding of topics such as the background writer, wal writer, shared buffers, system views for monitoring, and provisioning properly within a Linux LTS environment.

Intro to Backup and Recovery

Learn the basics of PostgreSQL's built in backup and restore capabilities, including logical backups with pg_dump and pg_restore, as well as physical backups and continuous archiving.Required prerequisite course or equivalent knowledge: Intro to PostgreSQL.

Postgres For Oracle People

A highly popular talk discussing the in and out of PostgreSQL for Oracle folks. This training is for technical folks considering making the switch from Oracle. It discusses the subtle differences of Oracle from a business and technical standpoint. How to work with differences between data types, and other features such as replication.


Everybody uses it, almost nobody knows what each parameter means. Most people have heard of it but few people have taken the time to understand the ins and outs of postgresql.conf. Explore the postgresql.conf as we cover memory settings, the background writer, autovacuum, random_page_cost, effective_cache_size and many more topics. From A-Z, you will walk away from this training with a firm understanding of the postgresql.conf.

Elevating Your Confidence With Postgresql's Restoration Capabilities

Learn the nuances of PostgreSQL's built in backup and restore capabilities as well as external abilities brought about by technologies such as snapshots and pgBackrest. There will be instruction on pg_dump/all and restore including a full understanding of the different backup/restore formats, when to use them and how to reduce potential production issues running long backups. Lastly, the students will be shown how to use base backups, PITR as well as filesystem snapshots and other well known utilities to properly manage data.

The Power of Postgres Replication

Learn the standard replication options within Postgres including binary and logical replication in this half-day training. Students are expected to have an intermediate level or above skills working with PostgreSQL.