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Who is Command Prompt?

Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest and largest dedicated PostgreSQL support provider in North America. Since 1997, we have been developing, supporting, deploying and advocating the use of the World's Most Advanced Open Source Database.

We are an Oregon corporation who enjoys the benefits of no outside investors, no debt, and being profitable, since our first day of business in 1997.

What is your relationship with the PostgreSQL community?

We have a very strong relationship and history with the PostgreSQL community.
To see a short list of of our community contributions, please visit this link.

What expertise do you have?

We are a small corporation, consisting of approximately 12 experienced professionals. Our co-founders are the authors of Practical PostgreSQL from O'Reilly, and our Lead Consultant, Joshua D. Drake, has been published over 300 times on varying technical topics including PostgreSQL.

Our staff includes committed contributors to the project. Some of the technology that our staff is responsible for developing, are savepoints, shared row-locking, and integrating auto-vacuum into the back-end. We are the developers of ODBCng, a next generation ODBC driver for PostgreSQL, plPHP, a procedural language based on the widely popular PHP scripting language, and are the co-developers of the plPerl procedural language.

Command Prompt is the oldest continually operating, debt free and profitable PostgreSQL Company. We specialize in professional services, custom development, training and support for the World's Most Advanced Open Source Database.

How does Command Prompt differ from other PostgreSQL providers?

  • We only do PostgreSQL. It is our technical love and passion. There is no other provider whose priority is PostgreSQL.
  • We are the first and only substantial PostgreSQL company providing PostgreSQL services for more than 24 months.
  • We have a strong and growing customer base, including Advanced Data Processing (ADP), Aerospace Corp, Canadian Broadcasting Company, Linksys, Macrovision, MX Logic, New York Post, and NOAA.
  • We have a very strong relationship with the PostgreSQL community and provide critical support services to that community.
  • As a private corporation, with no outside investors, we are only accountable to our families and our customers.
  • When you call Command Prompt, you are greeted by knowledgeable staff who are trained and have experience with PostgreSQL and the environments that PostgreSQL operates with.
  • Our marketing and sales are not polished. We focus our dollars on having a best of breed technical staff, which includes support and engineers, who will listen and provide solutions to your PostgreSQL issues with nothing but the best assistance.
  • We document everything we do. If you contract with Command Prompt to provide support for a project, we document each task, require each task in writing, and insure that there is an electronic trail of all tasks performed to insure the highest quality of service.

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