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Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest and largest dedicated PostgreSQL support provider in North America. Since 1997, we have been developing, supporting, deploying and advocating the use of the World's Most Advanced Open Source Database.

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Point In Time Recovery Tools for PostgreSQL made easy.
Plphp can now be used to write functions in PostgreSQL.
SimpyCity is a mapping system for PostgreSQL stored procedures/queries.
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Where is the Postgres community?

There was a poll recently on @amplifypostgres to determine where that Postgres community should have its interactive communication. The options were Google Hangouts, Slack, Reddit or “Other”. The results were not surprising with Google Hangouts beating Slack with 157 votes cast. There was also notable mentions of IRC, and Gitter. There were a couple of long time Postgresql.Org members that asked the inevitable, “What is wrong with IRC?” . Of course there is nothing wrong with IRC but most users when you tell them to use IRC will say, “IRWhat?” which is either a sign of disdain or ignorance depending on the user.

The problem and what is driving this post was an additional comment made by a ...

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