... and that was my last day

This has been cooking for a while now, and now it's time to open it up: July 31st, 2012 was my last day with Command Prompt, Inc.

I joined Command Prompt in October 2005. Back then I wasn't a very prolific blogger, it seems, because it took me six months to get this fact out. I haven't improved much since then, even though boss Josh Drake kept telling me to publish my thoughts and ideas on various PostgreSQL-related matters.

During my time with them I had the opportunity to work on many interesting things. I got a number of patches into PostgreSQL, some of them thanks to some Command Prompt customer sponsoring it; I worked on the Command Prompt proprietary PostgreSQL fork, Mammoth Replicator, and on PL/php; and I got to talk to very smart people, learn a lot, and generally have tons of fun.

I enjoyed my time with Command Prompt very much; the colleagues I leave are very capable and knowledgeable. I particularly have to thank Alexey Klyukin with whom I shared thousands of hours of work in all kinds of projects.

But I decided a needed a change, so I'm leaving Command Prompt. I had some job offers at PGCon, and I have already decided what I'm going to do; I look forward to many more years of PostgreSQL hacking and bug-hunting.

Command Prompt has been growing in business and number of employees lately; I hope that trend continues and that they have great success. I heartfully thank Command Prompt very much for the great opportunity they gave me all these years.

See you in pgsql-hackers.