Simple PostgreSQL Database Mapping
With everyone and their mothers trying to build the next awesome website and next amazing web service, you'll probably find that SQL databases are getting more and more popular. As it turns out though, writing complex software on databases is harder than it looks.

Hard enough that database abstractions are growing in popularity, pushing "database agnosticism" and turning the database into a dumb, interchangable data store. As a database developer, trying to write app code in this environment is really frustrating. I know how to design a DB schema. I know how to abstract that schema with views and stored procedures. When I try to use an ORM? All it does is get in my way, especially when you lose most of the ORM functionality by going to raw SQL. Writing SQL straight against the PostgreSQL DB API isn't much better - I end up writing the same boilerplate connection code, return handling and other management that comes with working with low-level interfaces. Honestly, this is more trouble than it's worth.

Simpycity changes that. Model definition? Unnecessary. One line to declare a function signature. One line to declare a simple query. One line to declare raw SQL. Returned rows are nothing but standard Python dicts. Got a model definition? All three support wrapping returned rows in any arbitrary model definition. Need to change your data model? Update your app by doing nothing more than adhering to the same API you developed the first time. A minor change in the database is a minor change in Simpycity.

Instead of designing your entire API in terms of Python, you seamlessly connect your well-structured database to the Pythonic representation of your choice, cleanly and easily maintaining separation of logic and duty. It's simplicity. Here's how it works:

>>> from simpycity.core import Function
>>> function_def = Function("get_rows")
>>> results = function_def()
>>> function_def.query
SELECT * FROM get_rows()

>>> function_def = Function("get_row",['id'])
>>> function_def.query
SELECT * FROM get_row(%s)

>>> results = function_def(1) 

- or -

>>> results = function_def(id=1)

That's it.

That's Simpycity.

Simple, easy, seamless mapping of PostgreSQL stored procedures to Python. Simpycity is a Commandprompt Open Source project, licensed under the terms of the Lesser GPL and you can get it from