PgEast: 2011 CFP closes in 3 days!

Alright slackers, you know who you are. The constant presence at every conference. The speaker, that submits their talk at 11:59PM before the CFP closes, I am talking to YOU! In three days, the CFP for what is going to be the largest PostgreSQL Conference in the Western World to date (I say Western because JPUG kicks U.S. butt in attendance just at their user meetings alone), is going to close.

We will then start an accelerated process to approve those worthy!

Perhaps you are not one of those I speak of, you are not a slacker. You are just a person who would like to speak but you are not sure if you have a decent topic to speak on. If that is the case, email me:

jd < at > commandprompt < . > com
I will be happy to help you.

Perhaps you have never spoke before. If you haven't, the PostgreSQL Conference is a great place to start. We are a friendly community that is helpful. Let us be your first jump into the world of conference speaking!

No matter your reason, now is the time to get those talks in!

PostgreSQL Conference East