The old Berkeley Postgres code

Some days ago, I was reading some patch from the in-progress commitfest, and happened to notice this comment in src/include/tcopprot.h:

 *    This file was created so that other c files could get the two
 *    function prototypes without having to include tcop.h which single
 *    handedly includes the whole f*cking tree -- mer 5 Nov. 1991

The weird thing about this was that there's no tcop.h file on the tree. I thought that it must have been removed somewhere along the long history of code cleanups and rearrangements. I was curious to see what this file looked like, so I went to the very first commit in our CVS, which turns out to be this one in Git. However, it turns out that it's not there either!

So I turned to a quick web search, and found out that Berkeley (or rather the University of California) still has the old tarballs for anyone to grab.

I eventually found the file in the postgres-v4r0 tarball; and as foretold in the old comment above, it clearly includes the whole source tree. Now that that file is long gone, I think it's time to remove that comment.