FOSSExperts, a new way to fund Open Source (Beta)

The cat is out of the proverbial bag. I originally planned to have a quiet roll out with a few close contributors but that has gone by the wayside. Now I am going to be pushing hard for people to test, beat on, object to, argue about, flame upon, scream at, praise and hopefully help us build out something that is truly useful for the FOSS Community. What am I blathering on about? FOSSExperts of course.

FOSSExperts is a new site specifically engineered to allow FOSS developers to raise money for projects they are trying to develop. The idea stemmed from the very cool Kickstarter. With our focus obviously being on a different kind of creative.

This is long overdue in the FOSS Community. There are a great deal of communities out there (LedgerSMB for example) that can use a place for their developers to try and raise funds for a specific feature. LedgerSMB just recently had a discussion on developing a Payroll module. Developing a Payroll module will be expensive for a single small company to absorb, but 20 small companies? Not nearly as expensive.

What FOSSExperts is not, is a place to send money to global projects such as Debian or It is for specific, well defined proposals and has a specific and defined delivery as well as refund policies etc.

Right now, we are in closed Beta. If you have a project or proposal you would like to try out you need to email me directly but we are interested. So take a look, and let the rage begin! If you like, you can review one of the larger proposals already on the site as well.