CodeCamp PL/Perl talk
Last week I delivered a PL/Perl talk at CodeCamp conference in Kyiv, Ukraine. The conference has been held at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, which is one of the top technical schools in Ukraine, so there were both really smart students and seasoned engineers. I talked about Perl inside PostgreSQL, deciding to highlight interesting features of PL/Perl with examples, hopefully covering most of them. Some of the attendees used PostgreSQL in production for years and were really impressed with its reliability and effectiveness, but most of them were not very familiar with it. I feel that PUGs are almost non-existent in CIS (with a nice exception of Moscow PostgreSQL user group, kudos to Nikolay), so we still have a lot of work to do on that front :) The slides are here (in Russian, but most of them are PL/Perl examples, so language doesn't matter that much as long as you understand Perl :) ). I had a couple of very interesting conversations after the talk about upcoming features in 9.0, and one of the students was actually inspired to develop a a new PL/ language. I'm looking forward for more opportunities to make PostgreSQL more popular in Ukraine and CIS !