Actually, I am going to #PgWest (and you might not want to)

OK, I am just trying to set the record straight. People are still confused thinking I might not be going to #PgWest, but I am. I know where the confusion comes from; there are a few other conferences going on during that time frame but the only two that matter are #PgWest and Surge. So, to be clear, I will be going to #PGWest this year not Surge. Also, to be clear, it's not that I have anything against Surge. I've have never gone to Surge but I have heard nothing but good things about the conference and I suspect I'll probably go to Surge in the future. It's just that this year, I've got something better to go to. That something is #PgWest.

What is #PgWest?

The theme for #PgWest is:

"Next Generation Data"
PostgreSQL Conference West is designed to get you up to speed on how to use the data existing already locked in your organization and cope with the massive amounts of data that is coming. Our industry today is at a major inflection point with Cloud Computing, Big Data, and GeoSpatial all converging into fascatining new architecture resulting in amazing new applications. The existing advanced features and some truely innovative features in PostgreSQL 9.1 will allow PostgreSQL to be the foundation of these new architectures.

#PgWest is the PostgreSQL West Coast conference (thus #PgWest) and it happens every year in the fall. Last year we held it in November, normally we hold it in October. This year, we are really close to October at September 27th - 30th in San Jose. #PgWest is also the single largest contributor of educational materials as well as the single largest direct financial contributor to the PostgreSQL community. If you are working with PostgreSQL, #PgWest is where you want to be in September, maybe. #PgWest is the largest PostgreSQL Conference in the United States and will continue to be as we experience easy double digit (not 10%, think 30% - 50%) growth every time we hold it.

Why should you go to Surge?

Surge, from all reports, rocks. It is a great conference full of very smart, fun people who are there for solutions to problems, not minutia political babble. If you want to go to Surge, go to Surge and I guarantee you, it will be worth your time and conference dollars.

Why are you telling me to go to Surge?

Surge is an annual East Coast conference, if you are torn between going to #PgWest and Surge, wait for #PgEast next March. The PostgreSQL Conference is a semi-annual conference with one conference #PgWest on the West coast and one #PgEast on the East coast. By the time Surge and #PgWest happen, #PgEast will only be six months away. I want Surge to be successful. If Surge was on the West coast, I would be reaching out to the Surge folks and trying to share facilities to save costs for everyone.

  • #PgWest call for papers is still open!
  • Surge early bird registration