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The PostgreSQL Company: Command Prompt, Inc., has a full product portfolio. Each product is derived, or is a part of the World's Most Advanced Open Source Database, PostgreSQL.

Audit and Tune

Audit and Tune provides a thorough overview of the environment and documents best practices including optimizations to be made for the PostgreSQL Environment.

High Availability Clusters

Available for both PostgreSQL as well as Linux and related services. This product offers true enterprise class operation and a fair price.

Performance Audit

The Performance Audit is designed to provide insight into existing and potential performance problems within an production database. It is a perfect secondary offering to a system that has already been optimized via an Audit and Tune or similar service.

PostgreSQL Core

Our flagship product: none other than PostgreSQL itself. We are one of many community members to this enterprise class database. We are the only dedicated PostgreSQL company, focusing all of our efforts on the promotion and proliferation of pure PostgreSQL. 24x7 Support Available

Warm Standby

A great cost effective service for installing Point In Time Recovery. We use our production grade PITRTools which is Open Source, and support by Command Prompt to deploy a simple, manageable and supportable Point In Time Recovery solution.

Hot or Cold Standby

An excellent high availability or scaling option (depending on service). We use the industry standard DRBD block level sync replication for Cold Standby and if you are running PostgreSQL 9.x or above we can configure Hot Standby as well.

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