Hacking on PostgreSQL snap at Snapcraft Summit 2018

As you may know, Command Prompt, Inc. develops and maintains PostgreSQL snap packages as a service to community. If you used it, you also know that unfortunately it is not yet a drop-in replacement for DEB builds distributed via PGDG APT repository.

PostgreSQL is one of the major open source projects out there that is extremely popular with all sorts of crowds: from enthusiasts to unicorn startups. And as the Snapcraft ecosystem matures more and more, a fully-functional PostgreSQL snap package becomes absolutely necessary for reasons ranging from developers being able to easily run PostgreSQL in strictly isolated test environments, to providing more complex software solutions that build on PostgreSQL (e.g. Travis CI people expressly stated they were very ...

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Generate Phone Calls For Redmine Emergency Tickets Using Twilio

We use Redmine here at CMD for all our project management needs. In fact, this Open Source solution is at the heart of our day-to-day operations. Over the time, we have made a number of contiributions to the project and extended, or modified, Redmine's behavior to suit our needs.

For example, one of the things we did was integrate Zabbix-based PostgreSQL monitoring system with Redmine. This allows us to keep track of all monitoring alerts in a centrally managed place, turn them into actionable tickets when necessary, discuss and work out specific problems either internally or with a customer.

Per our SLA, we're often expected to respond in a swift fashion to emergencies that do occur from time to time ...

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Upgrading Ubuntu LTS and PostgreSQL

If your PostgreSQL instance is running on an Ubuntu LTS system that you need to upgrade to the most recent release, say from precise to trusty – because, well, sooner or later you must – you need to consider what is going to happen to your database.

The upgrade process described in this article is similar to what you would have to do if you were upgrading from Trusty to Xenial, the newest Ubuntu LTS release.

Ubuntu attempts to make the process of upgrading to the newest distribution release easy and hassle-free. In fact, it is the case in many situations but not when there is PostgreSQL running in the system. If you just go ahead and try to run ...

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Managing pg_hba.conf With Ansible

pg_hba.conf is perhaps one of the easiest to understand configuration files in PostgreSQL. Its syntax is straightforward, the concept seems to resemble that of any popular IP filter or ACL mechanism in various software packages. pg_hba.conf is also well documented, like the rest of PostgreSQL, and we love it because it lets us do what we want without getting in our way. What else could we possibly ask of it?

Perhaps, it can be a bit of a nuisance when for you pg_hba.conf means not just one file but many. You may have a dozen read-only standbys and your infrastructure is expanding -- a good sign that you're probably all the rage on the market -- so at ...

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