Remote Hands

Occasionally, a company finds itself in a position where maintenance expertise for vital systems, database or otherwise, isnt available in-house. A position where a backup is needed for an administrator or engineer that is on vacation. Perhaps, a company needs to integrate objective expertise into its team. At Command Prompt we have been integrating into customer teams since 1997. Combined with our long experience in the open source community, we have grown to become highly competent and efficient collaborators with a wide variety of experience.

We offer these two primary services, but a Remote Hands agreement specifically customized to your environment and business needs is also available:

Additionally, both our Remote SA and Remote DBA packages can be integrated into our High Availability and Performance offerings, providing not only excellent optimization for today's problems, but keeping your systems abreast and on top of tomorrow's as well.

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Remote Sysadmin

Like our Remote DBA service, the Remote Sysadmin (SA) service provides your organization with access to experts in system administration. This service, which is focused on Linux, provides you with the same single contact accountability, as well as access to the full range expertise of the entire CMD team.

Remote SA is useful for companies seeking someone to manage the everyday tasks that are required to keep a Linux server in tip-top shape. These tasks span backups, account management, web server configuration and optimization, and security patching, among others. We provide all the benefits of running a Linux install with none of the maintenance headaches, properly documented and with your team in the loop every step of the way.

Remote DBA

Our Remote DBA service provides your organization with easy access to experts in PostgreSQL Administration, at a variety of demand levels.

At Command Prompt, you will work with a single primary contact, along with access to the entire breadth of experience that the Command Prompt team provides. Whether your administration needs are as small as occasional maintenance, or as large as a 40 hour a week database expert, Command Prompt has the necessary expertise. Furthermore, our engineers will be able to assist with everything from database design to full PostgreSQL feature design and implementation.