PostgreSQL Core

PostgreSQL Core consists of two primary products. 

  • The distribution developed and distributed by the community. We are one of the many contributors to this excellent database software. It is 100% enterprise ready and commercially supported. 
  • PostgreSQL Snap packages. We are the supporter of the PostgreSQL releases for the Snap package format. You can install these 100% Command Prompt supported packages with the standard snap command.


Do not be fooled by some vendors trying to sell you a closed version. PostgreSQL is 100% Open Source, Supported and 100% Fantastic without a closed source version.

How much does PostgreSQL core cost?

PostgreSQL Core is free. It is free from license fees, free from distribution restrictions, and unlike other vendors, Command Prompt does not charge unfair fees per cpu license or per cpu support fees.

What does PostgreSQL Core include?

"The World's Most Advanced Open Source Database". Specifically, PostgreSQL Core is a complete RDBMS with advanced features such as MVCC, PITR, Table Spaces, In-Memory Bitmap indexes, replication, full text indexing, and full ACID compliance.

Where can I get PostgreSQL Core?

  • PostgreSQL Core can be retrieved from the download link here. This is the standard distribution point for all major packages formats (deb,rpm etc...)
  • PostgreSQL Core snap can be retrieved using the snap command. For example:
sudo snap install postgresql$version

Where $version is one of 93, 94, 95, or 96 etc...

How much does PostgreSQL Core Commercial Support cost?

Commercial support for PostgreSQL Core can be purchased for as little as $500.00 a month (USD). For more information on commercial support for PostgreSQL, please visit our support page.