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PostgreSQL + Replication

PostgreSQL + Replication supports asynchronous replication and is designed to be WAN tolerant. It uses a distributed transaction log to keep track of updates produced by the Master database. The system allows for multiple Slaves to receive updates in either a continuous or batch mode.


  1. Master to Multi-Slave.
  2. Per table replication selection.
  3. SSL connectivity between communication processes.
  4. Compressed connectivity for greater efficiency.
  5. Designed to be WAN and congested network tolerant.
  6. Batch Mode for updates to off-site locations at off peak hours.
  7. Continuous mode for live replication.
  8. Combined with Heartbeat, or other fail-over software, it provides a true "in the database" 24/7 capable production environment.
  9. Self-installable: With complete and thorough documentation, any qualified system administrator can install PostgreSQL + Replication.


Open Source

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