High Availability Clusters

Command Prompt offers an effective single cost package for configuring a standard highly available cluster. This is an all inclusive package for Linux based installations that provides a near zero downtime solution to your PostgreSQL uptime needs.


  • Signed services agreement
  • Prepayment
  • You must be running a modern Linux system

What does our plan feature?

High Availability Clusters Single Service has the following included in the plan:

  • Configuration of a single Active/Passive cluster (other configuration available at additional cost)
  • DRBD based cold standby or Pg Based Hot Standby
  • Automated fail-over based on single service failure
  • Configuration of Corosync for cluster communications and membership management
  • Configuration of Pacemaker for cluster rules
  • Reference/Operational Documentation
  • A Month of QL Standard Support at no additional cost ($350.00 value)