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CMD | Command Prompt, Inc. - PostgreSQL Solutions, Support & Hosting
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First and foremost, we provide PostgreSQL Professional Services. This includes, consulting, infrastructure services, support, training and project management. As with any company, our services are subject to our services agreement. We have provided the following list as a starting point for your consideration. We have also recently began providing case studies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Hourly (discounted) Incident Packs

Monthly/Annual Support Packages

Consulting, Hourly and Package Based

  • Architecture Aweber | FlashCode | AGMednet
  • Deployment Mcafee
  • Scaling NY Post
  • Security
  • Project Management Flashcode
  • Custom Development for PostgreSQL and Surrounding Applications

  • C Replicator | ODBCng | plPHP
  • Python SimpyCity | PITRTools
  • PHP ToolKit
  • Feature Implementation for PostgreSQL

  • .pgpass for libpq
  • Integrated Autovacuum
  • No timeout for backups or restores
  • Per database role settings
  • Per table XID
  • Savepoints
  • Shared row locking
  • Snapshot management module

    New features not yet available
  • Managed Services, Proactive Support for Demanding Environments

  • Monitoring
  • Performance measurements
  • Training

  • Introduction to relational databases ADP
  • PostgreSQL Database Administration
  • PostgreSQL Performance
  • 24x7 Support, Including Yearly Contracts

  • Web
  • Phone
  • Remote Hands HNW
  • Reactive Cashnet | Vantage
  • Proactive On The Bright Side | Veritycapital, LLC

  • How do we do business with Command Prompt?

    Command Prompt is one of the easiest Open Source companies to do business with. We have defined procedures, and everything is documented. Please feel free to contact us now with more questions.

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