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Command Prompt, Inc. is an avid supporter of the PostgreSQL community and Python community. As a part of our ever expanding team, we also employ the following known contributors to the PostgreSQL and Python projects.

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General community contributions

  • Alexey Klyukin - Replicator, pl/PHP and various patches to

  • Alvaro Herrera - Committer, fixed CLUSTER, worked on Savepoints, added shared row locking, added shared dependency tracking, integrated autovacuum into the backend, and other minutia.
    Official Position: PostgreSQL Chile Regional Contact

  • Joshua D. Drake - Director Software in the Public Interest, Director United States PostgreSQL Association, contributes to docs, submits (accepted) patches to core, administrator, recognized PostgreSQL writer including Practical PostgreSQL and many trade articles.
    Official Position: President: United States (PgUS) PostgreSQL

  • Ildefonso Camargo

  • Alexander Shulgin

    We have sponsored, contributed to or developed several Open Source projects for the community including:

    Further we have sponsored the following PostgreSQL Trade Shows:

    We support the PostgreSQL community through the above as well as hosting the following:

    Practical PostgreSQL

    Practical PostgreSQL
    Now Shipping!

    by John C. Worsley
    and Joshua Drake

    636 pages

    Copyright © 2001-2002,
    Commandprompt, Inc

    Published by O'Reilly & Associates

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